Kurasu Kyoto Specialty Coffee– Colombia Alipio Zuniga

Name: Colombia Alipio Zuniga
Origin: Finca La Esperanza, La Palma, Acevedo, Huila, Colombia
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Anaerobic Washed
Roaster: Kurasu Kyoto Specialty Coffee (Kyoto, Japan)
Brewing Method: v60

A Pink Bourbon variety, the Colombia Alipio Zuniga is a proud product of the La Esperanza farm in Colombia cultivated by John Jairo Serna and his team. From Huila, these beans made it to Kyoto, Japan, and were roasted masterfully by Yozo Otsuki of Kurasu Specialty Coffee. A bright cup, Alipio Zuniga reminded us that there will always be hope in coffee.

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John Jairo De Jeus Quiroz Serna is the name behind the La Esperanza farm located 2,050 meters above sea level in Colombia. While his dad used the farm’s entire six hectares for cattle grazing, John worked on coffee on the other parcels of family-owned land. The land became a full-fledged coffee farm under his watch around 25 years ago as he renamed it to “La Esperanza,” which translates to “The Hope.”


Yozo Otsuki is Kurasu. Otsuki left his day job as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs Tokyo in 2013 and moved to Sydney, Australia. In 2013, he launched Kurasu initially as an online homeware store to sell Japanese merchandise in Australia. He repurposed Kurasu in 2015 to focus on Japanese equipment, coffee, culture, and brewing methods. In 2016, Otsuki opened up a retail space in his hometown in Kyoto…and the rest is history.


We brewed these beans via V60 with a ratio of 1:16. The extraction was done using spring water at a temperature of 94°C. Overall, Colombia Alipio Zuniga is a very bright coffee with medium acidity. Lemongrass, orange citrus, and some fermented fruit characters were the most memorable traits this coffee had to offer.

Aroma Flavor Finish
Taro, orange citrus, lemongrass; mango fruit candy Medium acidity; heavy body. Orange, lemongrass, raspberry, grape, and some fermented fruit; hint of cacao nibs Citrus acidity, lemongrass