Burial “A Space for Sacrilege” Cocktail-Inspired Whisky Barrel-Aged Beer

Name: A Space of Sacrilege
Brewer: Burial Beer Co.
Style: Wild Specialty Beer (Base Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale)
ABV: 11.9%
Review Year: 2022

A Space for Sacrilege by Burial Beer Co. offers a distorted take on the beloved Sazerac. This bold sour ale was once a Belgian Quadrupel before it embarked on a transformative journey, spending several years aging in Willets Rye barrels and stainless steel tanks. This beer was infused with fresh lemon zest, anise, and licorice, as the carefully selected spices aimed to impart the essential character of Peychaud’s.

Backlog review from September 2022.


This beer is being evaluated as a Wild Specialty Beer (28C)  with the Belgian Dark Strong Ale (16D) as the base style in the context of the 2021 Beer Style Guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). The most current version can be found on the BJCP website.


The aroma of A Space for Sacrilege is intriguing and prominent as it showcases a blend of plum, cola, licorice, dark cherry, cinnamon, molasses, and maraschino cherry.

This cocktail-inspired brew displays an enticing amber-brown hue. However, it lacks a substantial head, which may disappoint those seeking a frothy crown.

The flavor profile of this beer is where it truly shines. Upon the first sip, you are greeted with an exciting combination of cola and licorice. The cola note provides a slightly sweet and thirst-quenching quality, while the licorice offers a distinct and spicy undertone. Supportive licorice flavors intertwine with moderate sour notes reminiscent of plum and linger momentarily.

Medium-bodied; very low carbonation.


A Space for Sacrilege is a wildcard concept of a beer, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional norms. It resembles a well-crafted cocktail, with its sour cola profile adorned with highlights of dark fruit and an array of spices. The wood notes in this beer are not as pronounced as other qualities, while the brown sugar notes are reminiscent of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale.

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