Coffee Libre – Guatemala-La Reforma Typica & Geisha

Name: Guatemala ‘La Reforma Typica & Geisha’
Origin: Guatemala
Variety: Geisha, Typica
Processing: Fully Washed
Roaster: Coffee Libre Korea (Seoul, South Korea)
Brewing Method: v60


These beans aren’t your typical coffee beans. Originating from Guatemala, these beans were grown in the Huehuetenango region, specifically at the La Reforma farm and go back all the way to 1904, when the farm was acquired by Manuel Pérez. For those who don’t know, Guatemala beans are very popular among baristas, coffee fanatics, and homebrewers. Today, the fourth generation continues with this fascinating crop, and it has been so important to Pérez`s Family that the fifth generation is already working to make the farm become one of the best ones of Huehuetenango.


Coffee Libre is quite popular in the third-wave coffee world. For those who aren’t familiar with Coffee Libre, you can read more about them on the coffee chaser or by visiting their website. I’ve tried several of their beans brought over by friends and all have proven to be well-crafted and worth every sip. My favorite, to date, is this Guatemala La Reforma Typica & Geisha. Just with the floral and tangerine aroma, you’ll be energized and by the time you take a sip of this mild and flavourful coffee, you’ll be full of energy that’ll keep you going the rest of the day. Not to mention that it was part of the Guatemala 2018 Cup of Excellence awardees and ranked #1!

Overall, this Guatemala-La Reforma by Coffee Libre is perfect for (in my opinion) a hot, sunny afternoon when you want to relax but, at the same time, be mentally awake. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of the Coffee Libre beans!


Aroma Flavor Finish
Floral, Citrus, Chocolate Tangerine, Grape, Caramelized/Burnt Sugar Green Tea, Dry/Grape Sourness