Gardelli Specialty Coffees– Drima Zede Ninetyplus Authentic Lot- Panama

Name: Drima Zede
Origin: Panama
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Hot Anaerobic Natural
Roast: Customized Roast
Brewing Method: v60

Drima Zede is a supremely complex coffee cultivated in the Ninety Plus Barú Estates (Panama) and had undergone hot anaerobic natural processing. Champion roaster Rubens Gardelli (Gardelli Specialty Coffees) finished this off with a customized roast. These very unique coffee beans were our keys to the endgame.


The Ninety Plus Barú Estates are located around the volcanic crater of the Barú volcano in Panama with an elevation of 1,800 meters above sea level. The Estates, acquired in 2019, are planned to be both the high-tech future of coffee while embracing an ancient Jurrasic Park-like theme where large mammals still run wild daily among coffee trees.

Ninety Plus Estates are founded by Joseph Brodsky, who has partnered up with Guillermo Saint Malo Eleta (Eleta Family Investment Fund) to challenge the status quo and innovate the value chain in the coffee industry.


Rubens Gardelli is the founder and head roster of Italy’s Gardelli Specialty Coffees. A passionate self-taught roaster, Rubens, as mentioned, is the 2018 WCE World Coffee Roasting Champion. This is just one of the several awards Rubens earned as he continues to push the boundaries in roasting and brewing coffee.


Our extraction method was via V60 (1:16 ratio) with a medium-fine grind. Our water of choice: spring water at 94°C. The resulting cup of joe was supremely complex. Drima Zede unveiled a myriad of fruity profiles with distinct charred fruit and even slightly salty qualities. While tasting this, we heard Joseph and Rubens whispering in our ears, “Welcome to the endgame.”

Aroma Flavor Finish
Red cherry, fig, passion fruit; hints of charred fruit skin; fermented stone fruit Medium acidity; mild body. Dry wood, elderflower, cacao, fermented stone fruit, strawberry, lime peel; light impressions of salt and charred fruit skin Fig, faint strawberry, salt, and spicy peppers