Glyph Supply Co. – Colombia Finca El Ancla

Glyph Supply Co - Colombia Finca El Ancla

Name: Colombia Finca El Ancla
Origin: Colombia
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Natural
Roaster: Glyph Supply Co. (Singapore)
Brewing Method: v60

I’ll start by saying, I love these beans. I’ve tried these beans several times and, each time, they’re perfect. From the aroma all the way to the finish. Yes, it has a bit of a light body and medium acidity level, in my opinion, but overall, these beans take simplicity to a whole new level. Glyph made the right decision to release these Colombia Finca El Ancla beans, I just hope they continue them.

For a bit of a background, Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety that was discovered between 1915 and 1918. Caturra is a dwarf tree with an average yield, average quality, and average bean size. Caturra produces a higher yield than Bourbon mainly because of the plant being shorter and the branches being closer together, and also because, it requires extensive care and fertilization. Caturra is now found in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Quality-wise it is a close match to Bourbon. Typical characteristics associated with this varietal are bright acidity and medium body. Some have said that Caturra, and similar varieties, produce solid, quality, and impressive outcomes but don’t really stand out. Many coffee roasters still prefer Gesha, Typica, Pacamara, and Bourbon.

This coffee can’t really be compared with many of the other varieties like Gesha, Pacamara, or Typica, but flavor-wise, this is definitely something that is worth trying. The aroma of nuts and chocolate compliment the flavor of sherry wine and berries in every way possible. If there’s anything special about these beans it’s that the roast is quite perfect. Making sure that the aroma marries well with the flavor and takes you back to the start at the finish, is not an easy task. These beans can surely create a perfect brew.

Many roasters will probably say that Caturra beans are ‘nothing special’ or that they are just ‘ordinary beans’ but that doesn’t matter. I love the blend, the notes, and the experience that Glyph created. The packaging itself is refreshing to look at, not to mention their shop, see picture below. They’re doing everything right if you ask me but, then again, I’m no coffee expert. I’ll leave the debating to the experts and enjoy this nice cup of Glyph’s Colombia Finca El Ancla.


Aroma Flavor Finish
Nuts, Chocolate Sherry Wine and Berries Dark Chocolate




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