Kurasu Kyoto Specialty Coffee– Ethiopia Gesha Village Chaka

Name: Ethiopia Gesha Village Chaka
Origin: Bench-Maji, Gesha Village, Ethiopia
Variety: Gesha
Processing: Natural
Roaster: Kurasu Kyoto Specialty Coffee (Kyoto, Japan)
Brewing Method: v60

Cultivated on the Gesha Village, which is a 471-hectare coffee farm in Ethiopia, the Ethiopia Gesha Village Chaka roasted by Kurasu Kyoto Specialty Coffee is a reminder that coffee is a fruit.


The Bench-Maji zone is a perfect spot to grow the gesha variety because it has a high elevation (1,900-2,000 meters above sea level), ample rainfall, temperate climates, and other important factors to cultivate excellent coffee. The Gesha Village was then established there, very near the Gori Gesha forest by founders Rachel Samuel and Willem Boot. This place is special to coffee culture because the Gori Gesha forest is the birthplace of the Panamanian Geisha in the 1930s.

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Yozo Otsuki is Kurasu. Otsuki left his day job as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs Tokyo in 2013 and moved to Sydney, Australia. In 2013, he launched Kurasu initially as an online homeware store to sell Japanese merchandise in Australia. He repurposed Kurasu in 2015 to focus on Japanese equipment, coffee, culture, and brewing methods. In 2016, Otsuki opened up a retail space in his hometown in Kyoto… and the rest is history.


We brewed Kurasu’s Ethiopia Gesha Village Chaka using a V60 (1:16) with spring water. The result was this very vibrant cup that showcased primarily citrus fruits, berries, and tea. These qualities all bloomed in a very delicate manner.

Aroma Flavor Finish
Candied fruits, berries, and rooibos tea High acidity; mild body. Delicate strawberry, pomelo, peach with floral accents Tea-like, floral, hints of grapefruit