Banayad “Tanglad” Lemongrass Wheat Beer

Name: Tanglad
Brewers: Banayad Craft Brew (Philippines)
Style: Fruit and Spice Beer (Base Style: American Wheat Beer)
ABV: 6.3%
Review Year: 2022

Tanglad is a thirst-quenching take on a wheat beer by Banayad Craft Brew (Philippines) and was brewed with lemongrass (tanglad), orange, coriander, and ginger.


This beer is being evaluated as a Fruit and Spice Beer (29B) with the American Wheat Beer (1D) as the base style in the context of the 2021 Beer Style Guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). The most current version can be found on the BJCP website.


Pale gold with slight haziness; medium-low white head. Scents of lemongrass surfaced prominently backed by low grainy-bready aromas. Light-medium-bodied, moderate carbonation. A strong impression of lemongrass tea with a minty undertone led the flavor profile. These were supported by a medium-low grainy-bready malt character like the aroma. Low hop presence, medium bitterness, low sweetness that enhanced the malt backbone. Tanglad finished slightly dry with lingering impressions of lemongrass.


Tanglad, an American Wheat Beer that features primarily lemongrass, is a concept that worked well. It is a very light and refreshing beer suitable to drink after a workout.

Lemongrass was featured appropriately without it surfacing as raw or herbaceous. On the contrary, coriander, orange, and ginger were not as explicit as the lemongrass and may have likely played a supporting role. In our opinion, Tanglad could still have a taller head for presentation and slightly more carbonation. Very good.

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